The citizen of Osh, Ulan Atabaev, became a second contestant of the project “The World Needs You”!.

Ulan arrived to the Medical Center of Doctor Nazaraliev where he will undergo a complete treatment and rehabilitation course from drug addiction.

Ulan was raised in educated family, was doing sports, and loved composing music.

In 2006, Ulan was sentenced to jail. During his time, Ulan’s inmate suggested him to forget about his problems and was offered some drugs. That is how Ulan became drug addict.

The longest remission without heroine after Ulan was released from jail, lasted for one year. At one occasion, a friend of a friend left a small sachet and asked Ulan to mind it. The sachet contained drugs. A few days later, Ulan was tempted and tried the drugs from the sachet. Soon, Ulan could no longer stop taking drugs. Later, he was registered as a methadone patient, but his organism was not able to tolerate such chemical influence. His overall health condition worsened.

Ulan’s family did not know about his tragedy and soon after they learnt about such a serious addiction problem they try to help him with all possible means to save his life! Ulan’s mother came to the Word League “Mind Free of Drugs” asking for help. Her strong and desperate help seeking defined Ulan’s destiny, and he was fortunate to get a chance to start a new life.

Ulan is 32 years of age. He desperately wants to quit drugs. Ulan became the second participant from Kyrgyzstan, for the charity project “The World Needs You!”. For the next 50 days, Ulan will undergo a complete treatment course at the Medical Center of Doctor Nazaraliev. We will keep our readers updated about Ulan’s success story.

A Charity Campaign “The World Needs You!” was initiated and launched by the World League “Mind Free of Drugs” on the 26th of June 2014. This project is aimed to motivate all addicted people to undergo a complete addiction treatment and rehabilitation course, and to speak to the world about the actual problems of drug addiction in the world, and to make people believe that the World Needs them, that everyone has a chance to start a new life and be useful to society.