The participant of "The World Needs You!" from Algeria has completed his pilgrimage to Tashtar-Ata

The seventh participant of the charitable program "The World Needs You!", Salim from Algeria has completed the rehabilitation courses from drug addiction. At the last stage of treatment, he made a pilgrimage to the Mountain of Salvation Tashtar-Ata.

Salim is 36 years old and despite his family and three children, he used most of his life heavy drugs, in particular heroin and subutex. In the spring of 2017, Salim submitted an application for participation in the charitable program "THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!", which is carried out by the World League “Mind Free of Drugs” since June 26, 2014.

Salim's main rehabilitation course was held in April: he received medicamentous and psychological therapy at the Nazaraliev Medical Center (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). After that, the medical consultation sent Salim to medical vacation before the fixing stage.

During the rehabilitation of Salim, Nazaraliev Medical Center employee Dr. Ibrahim Badran began to conduct the popular blog "CRY OF A DRUG ADDICT", in which he told about the life of Salim, his dependence and treatment. In total, five series of the project have been released so far.

In the middle of October this year, the President of the Nazaraliev Medical Center, Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev, helped to Salim return to Bishkek, where he completed his treatment and completely got rid of his illness.

At the last stage, Salim made a pilgrimage with the "soul stone". He passed 250 km from the Ala-Bel mountain pass to the Mountain of Salvation Tashtar-Ata in the suburbs of Bishkek. The pilgrimage took a week and was accompanied by a team of doctors and coaches. On the Mountain of Salvation, Salim dropped the "soul stone" to the mound, and said: "I am free from drugs!"

The sixth episode of the blog "Cry Of a Drug Addict" tells about the pilgrimage of Salim.