Car accident resulted in years of addiction: patient from Lebanon became a third participant of “The World Needs You!” campaign

Third participant of the charity program for drug addicts "The World needs You!" arrived from Lebanon to the Medical Centre of Dr. Nazaraliev for the rehabilitation. Medical history of a 26-year-old Muhammad Tarek is typical for most Arabian countries: for seven years he has been forced to take opioid analgesics Tramadol. At the age of 19, a keen biker and talented mechanic, Muhammad had an accident and seriously injured his leg. He was prescribed to take opioid agent as a pain killer. Since then, Muhammad started to develop a habit and he still cannot move beyond this addiction.

Because of his addiction, Muhammad lost his job and ended up in the environment, where his circle of friends was confined with the same unemployed drug addicts. Two main passions of youth motorcycle and football faded into insignificance and then were completely forgotten. Where was he buying drugs? "It is easy to get drugs in the pharmacy. In Lebanon, medical drugs Tramal and Tramadol are very common. And, of cause, hashish. I have tried all of these types of drugs, even cocaine. All my friends mainly take Tramal and hashish,"- Muhammad says.

Before arriving to MCN, Muhammad underwent a 20-day rehabilitation course in Lebanon. But it did not help him to return to his former life. Muhammad found out about charity program "The World needs You!" from the local radio station "Sout Al Farakh". "I like the way I am being treated here. Now I feel good. I want to get rid of drugs, - Muhammad says after spending a week in MCN. - I like Kyrgyzstan. In Lebanon, the streets are very noisy and busy because of motorcycles, cars, and here it is so calm".

The program "The World Needs You!" is held in Arabian countries since June 26, 2014. So far, patients from Saudi Arabia and Egypt took part in this program. The president of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev proposed the idea to help drug addicts in the Arab world for free.

A series of wars and revolutions in the Middle East led to widespread distribution of so so-called prescription or medical drugs. In recent years, drug abuse has become a serious threat to the stability and prosperity of Arabian States and the region as a whole. However, on the official level, information about the situation is suppressed in some countries. "The World needs You!" tells the stories of drug addicts and shows the extent of the problem in Arabian countries. This project is charitable and educational.