The fifth series “Cry of a drug addict”: a hard journey of a drug addict, who tries to rid of addiction in the frames of a charity campaign “The World Needs You!”

In the fifth series, the contestant of the charity campaign “The World Needs You!” Salim from Algeria is finally completing his rehabilitation course at the Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev. The host of the blog “Cry of a drug addict” Ibrahim Badran, follows the way of rehabilitation from the very first days of his arrival to the hospital. In the blog, Ibrahim demonstrated and shared with the viewers a chain of serious medical procedures such as medical comas followed by psychological rehabilitation programs and meditations on the shore of the Mountain Lake Issyk-Kul.

Ibrahim pays special attention to the fact of personal spiritual role in Salim’s life and rehabilitation process. For the next forty days, Salim will have to stay with his inner feelings and thoughts face to face, as he will be sent home for so called medical vocations before he can complete the final treatment stage.

Doctors will decide what will be the final treatment stage of treatment for Salim: Pilgrimage with the stone of burden to the Salvation Mountain Tashtar-Ata or a Stress Energetic Psychotherapy. This will be revealed at the final series of the project.