“Cry of a drug addict” the forth series: Mountain of Salvation Tashtar-Ata and Mindcrafting

In the new series of “Cry of a drug addict” blog, hosted by Dr. Ibrahim Badran, who also represents the World League “Mind Free of Drugs”, our new contestant  from Algeria, Mr. Salim, is walking towards the Mountain of Salvation after completing a serious medical stage of treatment. The Salvation Mountain Tashtar-Ata is a sacred and symbolic place for addicted people from all over the world. They come here to preform ritual of rejection and ask for help from Almighty.

Ibrahim immerses viewers into cultural context of the story. Tashtar-Ata is perceived as Holy place by Kyrgyz People from ancient times. They use to come here, pray perform sacred rituals and ask for help from Almighty. A small, cozy praying room for Muslims is there, and Salim is addressing his cry to Allah, asking for forgiveness and strength to overcome addiction. 

Salim is placing his personal Tile of Hope at the foothills of Tashtar Ata among thousands similar tiles. It has engraved name on it and the words “I got a chance!”. After that, Salim is ready to begin second stage – psychological rehabilitation.

At the mountain lake Issyk-Kul, Salim will master specially developed psycho trainings aimed at restructuring and rebuilding his body and soul. The program is called Mindcrafting. Salim will conduct psychotherapeutic work with stone, passing all his negatives onto it. Later, Salim will perform symbolic ritual. He will throw the stone of burden off shoulders at the Mountain of Salvation Tashtar-Ata. Besides, Salim is learning deep meditation and Dervish Dance. All these techniques will help Salim to expand his consciousness and to obtain control over emotions.

Finally, the contestant of the charity project “The World Needs You!” is ready for an open dialogue: Salim will share his negative experience with public speaking the truth about the first time he took drugs, under what circumstances, and how he was buying it from drug dealers. He will share with the public what his addiction is all about.