Exclusive interview with the sister of a drug addict. War and drugs in Algeria.

World League “Mind Free of Drugs” continues publishing its blog “Cry of a drug addict”. The blog tells the story about the patient Salim. Salim is from Algeria and Salim was fortunate to become a candidate for a free drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation in the frames of charity campaign “The World Needs You!”.

In the new series, the viewers can immerse into personal life and story of Salim. The narrator of the blog, Ibrahim Badran, speaks to Salim's sister over the phone and learns new details about Salim's childhood and the first time he tried drugs.

As Salim's sister shared, he began taking drugs right after the death of his cousins. At the age of seventeen, Salim took hashish and medical drugs. According to her words, the war caused almost all male part of the society take drugs without thinking about the consequences.

Speaking of Algeria in general, Salim's sister mentioned that almost all kind of drugs are easily sold and bought in the country. The situation as a whole is very critical and sad. She also mentioned, that Salim's old friends who take drugs as well, were looking for her brother.

At this time, Salim is undergoing the second stage of rehabilitation program – spiritual and emotional restoration. The details of his next stages of treatment will be represented in the upcoming series “Cry of a drug addict”.