The second series of the blog “Cry of a drug addict” is finally out

In the second series of the blog “Cry of a drug addict”, the host and the narrator of the charity campaign “The World Needs You!”, Dr. Ibrahim Badran, continues following treatment and rehabilitation process of the patient Salim.

While Salim is recovering from Central Cholinolitic blockade, and starts feeling much better, Dr. Ibrahim Badran shares with the viewers how drugs are spread in Arabic countries. Also, doctor tells about the World League “Mind Free of Drugs” and one of its charity projects “The World Needs You!” initiated by the ideologist and the founder of the World League Prof. Jenishbek Nazaraliev.

Besides, Dr. Ibrahim mentions about Professor's book, “Fatal Red Poppies”. The book tells about positive experiences of fight against drug addiction and its illegal trade on five continents.

In conclusion, Dr. Ibrahim Badran unveils and demonstrates how Prof. Nazaraliev doing his checkups on the patients during the acute stage of treatment.

More than five million people have already watched the premier in less than a week.