Shamil Alyautdinov Imam-khatib of the Moscow memorial mosque joined the World League "Mind Free of Drug" and became its honorable member

Shamil Alyautdinov Imam-khatib of the Moscow memorial mosque, head of the scientific- theological council Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of European Russia and Siberia, Islamic theologian and preacher joined the World League "Mind Free of Drug" and became its honorable member.

Mr. Alyautdinov visited Bishkek, the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic to deliver a workshop on the subject of "How to become a successful Muslim". At the invitation of Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev, a distinguished theologian got acquainted with the activities of the Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev and of the World League "Mind Free of drugs".

Due to his educative activities and direct communication with different audiences in different countries, Alyautdinov received broad publicity and recognition. Besides, he is the author of more than 30 books with a total circulation of over 400 thousand of copies. In addition to the above, Shamil is 41 years old. Alyautdinov's workshop in Bishkek was attended by over two thousand people.

"He turned out to be serious minded, calm and very pleasant interlocutor. We exchanged gifts: I presented my book "Fatal Red Poppies" in two editions - in English and Russian languages with my signature on. In his turn, Shamil gave me his own translation of the Koran from Arabic into Russian. Full theological translation on 1,800 pages would impress any Muslim and connoisseur of books. Shamil devoted six years of his life to translate Koran into Russian, "- Professor Nazaraliev said.

Shamil Alyautdinov got acquainted with the international charity program "The world needs you!", which is being held for the residents of the Arab world, and in 2016 it is planned to run it in CIS countries. Mr. Alyautdinov accepted an offer to become an honorary member of the League and received a relevant Certificate and a rounded stones, which is a symbol of the organization.

Concluding his visit, the theologian promised to point the World League as an example during his workshops as well as to share with the achievements and success of the organization. Then he performed Namaz and blessed the work of the League.