Kyrgyz Ombudsman began to cooperate with the World League "Mind Free of Drugs”

March 20, 2013, signing up a Memorandum of Cooperation between the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" and the Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Tursunbek Akun was held . After learning about the new project of the World League "Let’s protect drug addicts of the world," one of the first human rights activist has decided to join the initiative.

- The memorandum establishes between our organizations a partnership  and it is a big step for future joint activities - Akun appealed to Jenishbek Nazaraliev. – Ombudsman’s work is held on the efforts of volunteers who are ready to work on their own for the good of society and you devote the whole your life to work. You  are the person of global scale, and I respect your desicion to start your project from Kyrgyzstan, from your homeland.

The memorandum provides for cooperation of the parties to protect the rights of drug addicts and drug recovered, promoting the idea of ​​tolerance to them, and also to provide them with legal, financial and psychological assistance. Also, parties plan to prepare and disseminate joint print and electronic publications and audiovisual works with human rights issues.

- If organizations such as UNESCO or "Doctors Without Borders" appeared tens of years ago, the World League was created just 12 years ago - stated Jenishbek Nazaraliev. - But we can work together to achieve the same level in a shorter period of time. In order to have sufficient authority and respect at the international level, you need a story, and now we are doing this story.

Information on possible cooperation of Kyrgyz ombudsman with the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" within the project "Let’s protect drug addicts of the world" appeared on March 14 of this year. There was a public hearing of the annual report of the Ombudsman. At the event, President of the World League professor Nazaraliev made a report on the status of drug addicts in Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

According to the professor, the project "Let’s protect drug addicts of the world" implies an awareness campaign against stereotypes about drug addicts. Its purpose will be to combat discrimination and social exclusion toward current and former drug users.