Transcontinental auto marathon “No to hard drugs!”

Transcontinental auto marathon “No to hard drugs!”

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The marching parade “Planet Earth” is the general title of for a systematic approach and method of spreading the word about the World League’s “Mind Free of Drugs” healthy ideology.

The main objective of the planetary marching parade is to attract as many participants and different individuals of the planet’s population as possible, especially to attract younger generations. It aims to serve as a form of social unity in fighting against the global drug addiction spread.

A special team, headed by Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev, will be conducting a transcontinental motor rally for 2 years covering the 49 countries and 67 cities which were included as the centre-stages of the "Planet Earth" program.

The relay race will be passed from city to city and from president to president. The symbolic torch lit at the Mountain of Salvation will be carried and passed from nation to nation. Each marching parade will be given the name of the city or place where it will be carried out and a symbolic first stone will be laid for the future building of a spiritual and architectural memorial to the victims of drug addiction. The symbolic ritual of laying the capsule with the Appeal to Mankind of the XXII Century and erection of the World League’s flag is to be completed at the world’s most significant and popular mountains, including Everest, Fujiyama and Kilimanjaro.

The marching parade will be carried out in the countries where the problems of drug addiction are critical and very real. These are mainly countries involved in drug trafficking routes - transit countries, manufacturing countries, and countries with the highest abuse rates.

The ideological aspect is to form an informational-psychological impact against the pandemic. The global tendency against drugs must be initiated from the East and Tashtar-Ata, which is located at the crossing of the drug trafficking routes, and will serve as symbolic place for pilgrimage.

Each country and city will have its name for the parade, e.g. Planet “Kabul”, Planet “Delhi”, etc. and will have a deep, uniting message for planetary unity of all countries in order to withstand the evil of narcotization.

More than a million people will be participating in each parade in each country. The Marching Parade “Planet Earth” is an alternative to the popular "Love Parade".

The results of the message will be far-reaching. As the Olympic Games in ancient Greece established peace between the warring states, carrying out this action will be the key to unite efforts of all classes of society, genuine participation of young people and the unity of all states in the fight against drug addiction.


  • To attract maximum attention of global society towards the problem of addiction and its illicit trade;
  • To work with youth and younger generations, compromise and earn trustworthy authority and reputation amongst the younger population of our planet;
  • To create an atmosphere of a positive unity, and to take part in the formation of a new drug-free lifestyle and healthy trends;
  • To announce the unity of the World League’s ideas and each participant’s, to organize and conduct specially developed social events and actions;
  • To create a pleasant ideological base for social drug rejection through memes, messages sent, and preventive methods, rather than facing the consequences of narcotization;
  • To attract a maximum number of youths into the World League “Mind Free of Drugs”;
  • Membership expansion;
  • Geographic expansion of the World League “Mind Free of Drugs”.


In October 2002 a marching parade “Planet Bishkek” started in Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan. This was the first stage of the international planetary project Marching Parade “Planet Earth”. The motto “No to Hard Drugs” united thousands of students, citizens and guests of the Capital.