First World Marching Parade “Planet Bishkek”

First World Marching Parade “Planet Bishkek”

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In 2002 the Nazaraliev Medical Center and the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" organized a campaign in the form of a marching parade, aligned with their vision of a long-term anti-drug program. Thousands of young students and all who supported the idea of the campaign marched under the motto "No Hard Drugs".

The campaign continued for almost 30 days, turning into a colorful and impressive event. More than 100,000 people participated in this action.

The organizer of anti-drug campaign and its spiritual leader was doctor Jenishbek Nazaraliev, the President of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs".

The participants were students from schools, colleges, universities and military colleges, and citizens and guests of Bishkek city. The marathon was opened with a symbolic ceremony at the central square of the city and was represented by government officials.

The parade shifted through the entire city towards the mountain of Salvation, Tashtar- Ata. The parade united thousands of people in their protest against drug abuse and its illegal trade worldwide. At the top of the mountain, according to legend, a ritual of rejection by tying knot on the branches of a wild hawthorn and burning items that symbolize drugs and a heavy past, were solemnly performed.

As planned, the March Parade lasted for a month.

On the morning of the last day of the Marching Parade “Planet Bishkek”, distinguishing leaders and visitors of the Mountain Summit which was held in Bishkek visited the mountain of Salvation and were pleasantly surprised by the scene. The parade was finished the same evening, followed by a performance on the central square of the city.

Marching Parade “Planet Bishkek”, was the first stage of our planetary relay. The initiators of the Parade have defined a goal to organize such relays regularly in every country of our beautiful planet. Moreover, the idea is to turn such anti-drug events into a new fashion and a youth trend.