Save Tyva from alcoholism!

Save Tyva from alcoholism!

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Alcoholism is in first place amongst the top causes leading to the high mortality rate amongst the population of the Russian Federation. This problem exists on a critical scale amongst the small populations of the North, because of their distance and isolation from the federal administrative center, poor living conditions, and physiological reasons. Due to the relatively recent (2-3 generations) introduction to alcohol, the resistance to alcoholization amongst the indigenous people of the North is currently not developed. Their small population and the high percentage of alcoholics urges us to speak about the dangers of an early degeneration of these people.

The Republic of Tyva is a small region of the Russian Federation with a population of 300,000 people. 3,000 people are on the official medical records with a diagnosis of "alcoholism".  Unofficial evidence indicates that approximately every second family has a family member who abuses alcohol and female alcoholism occurs widely.

To improve the situation it is necessary to take immediate action to counter the rapid spread of alcoholism which threatens the well-being of the Tyvan people. To this end, the World League "Mind Free of Drugs", together with the leadership of the Republic of Tyva, is implementing a project for the eradication of alcoholism.

The cooperation agreement signed in early December 2012 between the Government of Tyva and the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" includes a complete modernization of addiction services in the country. The very first step is to train specialists at the Nazaraliev Medical Center (MCN), located in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). In March 2013 six Tyvan doctors (two addiction psychiatrists, an anaesthetist, a therapist and two instructors of psychological trainings) will learn the Professor Nazaraliev’s method (гиперссылка на профиль) of Mindcrafting. All of them will subsequently take semi-annual update training programs.

As part of the program the World League offers:

1. To introduce the practice of self-supporting labor communes, the number of which should grow to 10 within two years. In groups of 15-20 people, the addicts will pass the occupational therapy program and psychological rehabilitation through the Mindcrafting program.

2. To conduct of a comprehensive study of the alcohol epidemic in the region. This will give a broad view of the problem and effective ways of dealing with it. Based on this data it will be possible to enhance the effect of follow-up actions.

3. To pay special attention to religion. Buddhism, which is very common in Tyva, can be the best spiritual support for patients with alcoholism. At the request of the President of the World League Professor Jenishbek Nazaraliev, the Buddhist spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama XIV, conveyed his benediction and valediction to Tyva residents. The professor personally handed the appeal of His Holiness to the Head of the Government of the Republic of Tyva, Sholban Kara-Ooly. The appeal discusses false understanding of happiness, the true meaning of life and illusions generated by alcohol and drugs. The Dalai Lama's appeal will be placed in public places, educational institutions, leisure and culture centers, and in administrative buildings of Tyva. This will help to strengthen the preventive work against alcoholism and strengthen the spiritual values of the Tyvan people.

4. The program includes the direct participation of Professor Jnishbek Nazaraliev in psychotherapeutic conversations with people: for one month each quarter Professor Nazaraliev will meet with residents at the local level, be on the air, work with the media, and conduct preventive anti-alcohol campaigns. During the year, the president of the World League will meet with all the alcoholics who are registered in the addiction services of Tyva.

5. To establish an institute volunteers who will oversee a certain number of people each. Its task will be to stop alcoholism which will be agreed with the Special Committee on the Elimination of Alcoholism.

6. On the recommendations of the World League, the Tyva government does not exclude a measure of doubling the price on alcoholic drinks.

The proposed anti-alcohol program is aimed at saving the small populations of Russia from extinction, to create conditions for their survival and recovery. To implement the project the Republic of Tyva has been selected as a pilot region. In the future, the program will be used in other regions of the Russian Federation.