The rescue mountain "Tashtar-Ata"

Collected: $12,000

Goal: $30,000

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Days Left 18

The Rescue Mountain is anciently called the huge man-made mound of rounded stones. It is located in the center of the mountain plateau Tashtar-Ata on the border of the great Tian-Shan and Chu valley, twenty kilometers from Bishkek - the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Experience and sincere love to his own story allowed Jenishbek Nazaraliev, psychiatrist, professor-narcologist, social activist and philanthropist, to recreate almost all the lost details of this magnificent complex for contemporaries. The mound, created by thousands of pilgrims, a ritual bonfire site and nearly lost staircase rising up to the mountains – all these ancient places were carefully restored in accordance with legends, chronicles and memories of old Tashtar-Ata inhabitants.