The flag of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" contains a symbolic representation of the human consciousness, which tears apart the bars of narcotic addiction.

World League Flag









This is a perfectly rounded stone, geological age of which proven to be 350,000,000 years of age. The stone is the symbol of mind and spirit unity. They are collected from the highest mountain peaks at the Moldo-Too mountain chain, the home and sanctuary of these sacred stones.

According to ancient legends, these stones, which can never being seen in the world, are the energetic epicenters of Gods.  It's monolith consistence contains magic powers of Light able to combat the darkness of evil. 

Drug addiction, is a modern appearance of the evil, and can only be combated by the power and will of strong spirit, will power and mind. We must preserve these qualities within every human on the planet.

This stone, is handed to the Honorable Members of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs", and to the patients who completed the Pilgrimage to the Sacred mountain of Salvation, " Tashtar-Ata", the holy place of repentance and the last hope for cure.

World League Symbol