Photo contest "Tashtar-Ata as a phenomenon"

Photo contest "Tashtar-Ata as a phenomenon"

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In march 2004, the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" has initiated and announced a contest, devoted to the salvation mountain Tashtar-Ata as a phenomenon. The main task for the contestants was to reflect the philosophy of the Mountain, it's influence on the internal state of the human being, who struggles in combating the addiction.

We received an enormous amount of great works! Among contestants were students, teachers, people of deferent specialities, professionals and amateurs. Each one revealed the philosophy of the mountain from personal, very unique point of view, reflecting it in its work.

The jury hesitated and could not choose the best work and the winner. After long debates, everyone came to a conclusion that it would be fair to reward first place not professional but the amateur participants. No doubts, professional works had great technical features, but the works sent by amateurs were more attractive by its sincerity and desire, even a little naive but still so pure and sincere.

The first place was rewarded to Natalia Andrianova , the teacher of history in American University in Central Asia.

The second place was taken by Evgenia Pankova, web-programmist.

The third place went to Altyn Kapalova , he student of National Kyrgyz University of Construction, Transport and Architecture.

The winners were rewarded special diplomas and monetary prizes. The rest of the participants received consolation prizes, the book by the author, prof. Jenishbek Nazaraliev. The works can be seen in our "gallery".