In order to join the ideas of the World League ‘Mind Free of Drugs’, and become its full member, the applicants must choose the type of membership and fill out the form.


Types of membership:


Individual Collective



At this time, the management of the World League ‘Mind Free of Drugs’ had decided not to accept systematic fees from the members and anyone who wishes to enroll into our organization


How can the discount be properly used?

After the applicant fills out the form on our website, and provides all necessary information, we will send a coupon with personal identification number. This coupon can be used personally or can also be passed on to a close friend or a family member. It must be printed, sent to us via electronic email, or presented at the arrival for undergoing the ‘Mindcrafting’ program.


There are alternative methods of becoming the member of the World League:

  • Charity
  • Participation in the League’s campaigns and anti-drug activities
  • Signing the memorandum and the Appeal to the Mankind of the XXII Century


What are the benefits of being a full member of the World League ‘Mind Free of Drugs?

  • A status of a true humanist and an activist in the fight against drug pandemic.
  • Our members are always informed on activities, campaigns, conferences, forums and meetings held by the World League globally.
  • 10% discount for undergoing the ‘Mindcrafting’ program.