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In the frames of its long-term 50 years program against drug abuse and its illicit trade, the World League has realized a unique, socially oriented, prophylactic project “Doctor Life”. Eight patients, from Russian, Germany, and the United States, were chosen to participate in the project. They underwent the whole treatment process demonstrating the loathsomeness and all that comes within drug addiction to the world audience. They share, what it is like to be a drug addict. They had a task to complete all three stages of treatment process according to doctor Nazaraliev’s methodology, however, only four could make it to the final.

The premier of the reality show was scheduled for the 12th of September 2012. A 19 series reality project was broadcasted on the web site The project was broadcasted on 7 world languages: Russian, Spanish, English, Arabic, French, Japanese and Chinese.

The "Doctor Life" TV-project is accounted for: 

1. To realize prophylactic of drug pandemic in the world.

2. To form a tolerant attitude of the society towards drug addicted people.

3. To demonstrate one of the most effective treatment methods of Dr. Nazaraliev, and to suggest an alternative to the existing treatment methods.

The filming of the project took 70 days in general. During this time, the reality show was viewd in more than 190 countries. The open discussion was conducted on social web sites, as well as on the broadcasting portal:

The perception of our society about drug addicts started changing in a positive key. People started deeply understand and realize that drug addicts are ordinary people with common needs like all of us, just lost their way and need help to be redirected. People could also witness that drug addiction can and must be treated! Every one deserves a chance to be treated. "We do not promise, we give you a chance", was the main motto of the reality program, which was widely demonstrated and implemented.

A year later, our viewers will meet our heroes again, thus a documentary, which will demonstrate their lives after the treatment will be broadcasted. Besides, the World League is planning to start filming second season of the Reality, with new drug addicts who came for a last hope.

All additional information about the Reality Project, its participants and authors, can be vied here: