Prevention of drug addiction among children and youth

Prevention of drug addiction among children and youth

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The World League "Mind Free of Drugs" has developed and gradually implementing a long-term project "Prevention of drug addiction among children and youth".


1 Improve the efficiency of the preventive measures of teen drug abuse by raising the competence of teachers in secondary schools in matters of drug addiction;

2 Together with teachers to determine approaches to anti-drug education in school in order to form a psychological rejection of drugs in teenagers.


1 Conduct a social research on the analysis of the level of competence of teachers in secondary schools on the issue of teen drug addiction;

2 Give teachers systematic information about teen drug addiction and its risk factors based on personal, micro and macro, as well as biological characteristics;

3 To work out children’s behavioral model on trainings that contributes to restiveness on drugs, and development of communication skills to confront drug addiction;

4 Give teachers a methodical tool to work with parents to identify signs of drug addiction of children;

5 Together with teachers to work out pilot programs of adaptation of the educational work with teenagers to target anti-drug issues;

6 Give information about the ideological orientation of the goals and objectives of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" and define joint strategies with teachers to further develop the educational, informational and other activities of prevention of teen drug addiction.

At this point within a framework of the project we have conducted series of educational trainings for social workers, vice-principals on educational work, psychologists and leading school specialists.


was to conduct sociological researches on the level of awareness among school teachers in regard to drug addiction.

Sociological researches on the level of awareness among secondary school teachers in regard to drug addiction 

Sociological researches were the prelusive stage, where the awareness-training sessions with teachers were conducted. Their objective was to assess the degree evaluation of the correspondance of the teachers' interests and the educational program developed by us. Sociological survey of teachers was conducted in October 2003, in seven empirically selected secondary schools in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). The number of asked teachers is 176. Completed application forms and reports on the participation of teachers of these schools are saved in the archives of the World League "Mind Free of Drugs". According to survey results it can be concluded that there is a lack of competence of school teachers in regard to the questions of drug addiction and their high interest in obtaining systematic information about teen drug addiction and its prevention.



was the preparation and implementation of the educational program I “Addiction. Introduction to the problem".


The second stage of the project "Prevention of drug addiction among children and youth" is implemented as a five-day educational cycle to improve the competence of teachers of secondary schools of Bishkek city in the field of drug abuse by children and youth. We have adjusted the topics of lectures and training modules in accordance with the social survey. Program participants were teachers, vice-principals and psychologists of all schools of the city. The lessons were conducted from November 2003 to May 2004, within small groups of 10-12 people for a better contact with the audience.

Upon completion of the educational program teachers and psychologists became members of the League. They received a testimonial and a certificate of the curator of the League. All participants completed a final questionnaire, which allowed us not only to adjust the content of seminars, but also to understand to what extent our educational program is timely and useful for specialists responsible for the upbringing of children. The following are just short excerpts taken from some of the questionnaires:

I have got acquainted more profoundly with the subject, which seemed to me familiar. But now I've seen a lot as a new perspective ... A wonderful course. But, I think we should put more emphasis on the harm of drugs and alcohol. But in general, for me as a doctor and as a human being it was very interesting and very cool. This short time period gave me a lot. And after visiting the Rescue Mountain - a feeling of great excitement, the rise of moral and physical strength, a sense of emotional outburst appeared. There are a lot of kind wishes, but I want to express one and the most important thing — may your League prosper and continue its work in the best public interests.
      Kyshtobaeva A.Sh. - Chief of the Medical Service of the
      Drug Control Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic

Complete, comprehensive information about the behavior of children under the dope. Maybe not right away, but I'm sure that now I can recognize the risk group, identify children who use drugs. I already imagine working with parents to prevent teenage drug abuse. I became more realistic about life. Now unusually excited child will make me more cautious and I will pay more attention to his behavior and changed habits... I want to be like you, work with you and also bring the same benefits. Turns out, I did very little. As Confucius said, "Every time I throw a stone into the water, and hit the exact center of the circle". Let the circles of Tashtar-Ata stone be blessed.
       Kydyrmysheva A.S. - Deputy Director
       on educational work of the school № 74

Before the courses organized by the World League "Mind Free of Drugs", it seemed to me that I knew what a drug addiction and alcohol addiction is. The courses completely changed my opinion on my knowledge in this area. All I have heard and seen in these courses will help me to work with children and parents. One feels that the people who work here are very concerned and indifferent to this problem. I wish that you were heard and supported on the state level.
       Balikoeva M.A. - Teacher of ethics and rhetoric at school № 6

Now I have an idea of signs by which one can determine that a person has a drug or alcohol addiction. I know about the dangers of alcohol and drugs. I know the preventive measures of teenage drug addiction. I wish the World League "Mind Free of Drugs" a huge success in eradicating the evil of the world called "addiction".
      Pilyugina A.V. - Primary school teacher at school № 41

Thanks to the organizers of the course I was able to see and hear something that just never imagined. In a simple, comprehensible and professional way, we were told what, where and how this terrible evil happens, and to what irreversible effects the addiction leads. And, of course, that pushes to take action and to somehow turn the knowledge acquired in the courses into the practice and help to explain to children about the dangers of drug addiction.
       Konoreva L.A. - Teacher of ethics and rhetoric at school № 6

I work at the Center for Health Promotion, and address the issues of prevention of drug abuse and smoking. It was extremely useful to gain systematic information about drugs and their effects on humans, groups and risk factors, as it is directly related to my work. The most important was the proactive approach to problem solving. Age characteristics of children were covered interestingly and clearly. I think that the course was chosen carefully and professionally and accurately meets the needs of the participants ... A trip to the Rescue Mountain Tashtar-Ata was the most impressive. I enjoyed the sincerity and deep enthusiasm of lecturers. And even minor sores under the influence of their spirit and faith, seemed gone.
       Ilyazova A. - Health Promotion Specialist,
       National Centre for Health

A lot of interesting information. Interesting excursions to the Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev and the Sacred Mountain of Salvation "Tashtar-Ata". These were unforgettable emotions. I will never forget this week, these courses and great speakers...
       Lukashova I.S. - Psychology teacher at school № 48

I have received a great deal of information about the issues that matter to the world. I was struck by its importance... I deeply felt the misery and sorrow of people while visiting the MCN and the Mountain of Salvation "Tashtar-Ata". Many thanks to the organizers of the course, because I've gained very unforgettable feelings and emotions that I want to live and fight for our children.
       Ageeva T.D. - Coordinator of Children's Movement at School № 83

Given the threat that impends over our world, as they say, we need to be "armed". And our main weapon is – information. That is we need to know how to prevent this threat, and how to protect ourselves and our close ones. The course is very useful for my future work.
       Sadykov S.I. - Geography teacher at school № 58

I am very happy that I passed this course. I've gained all necessary knowledge that I needed for my pedagogical practice and I want to thank you for the organizational work, for all the knowledge you gave us during this course, for everything you do for the sake of humanity under the slogan “Mind Free of Drugs”. Thank you so much.
       Skakova E.G. - Teacher of biology at school №7

This course gave me vast and unfolded knowledge about such horrible ailment that I was unaware. This course covered all sides of this fatal disease and gave us instructions of how to warn our children from entering this scary world called drug addiction. Lecturers presented the information in an easy way, supporting it by practical and sociological researches, vivid materials and excursions. It is very important for us teachers.
        Voskoboinikova E.V. -  Deputy Director
        on educational work of the school № 82

The course contributed to more clear understanding and awareness of drug addiction problem. The knowledge about the consequences of addiction, methods of resistance, treatment and etc. was improved. Trainings and discussions were the most useful. Impressions after visiting the Rescue Mountain Tashtar-Ata and legends connected to this holy place were beyond words. After the course, a strong desire appeared to pass the gained knowledge to others and conduct a preventive work of youth addiction more effectively. You are doing a huge work by helping people. The world would be much kinder if there were more people like you.
       Supataev J. - Drug prevention specialist at the
       Drug Control Agency of the KR



was to conduct an expanded city conference "Prevention of teen drug addiction. What should be the drug prevention program in schools. Opinion of teachers".


The third step in a long-term project on the prevention of drug addiction among children and youth was to conduct an expanded city conference "Prevention of teen drug addiction. What should be the drug prevention program in schools. Opinion of teachers", which we organized and conducted at the end of May 2004.

The conference program included 14 papers on drug prevention in schools among the three age groups: 7-10 years, 11-14 years, 15-17 years. Each section had several co-rapporteurs who had highlighted the problems in both spheres: in the educational work and trainings on the development of resistance to drugs with age consideration.

In addition to teachers and school psychologists, the representatives of law enforcement agencies, social workers, as well as senior officials from the government and non-governmental organizations involved in the fight against drugs and drug addiction attended the conference.

One of the achievements of the event resulted in the organization of the initiative group of teachers and school psychologists in order to develop a program of educational work for the prevention of drug addiction of children and youth.



of the project is carried out in the form of educational program II “Addiction. Psychological risk factors in the age groups".


The fourth stage of the project "Prevention of drug addiction among children and youth" was the implementation of a three-day series by the World League “Mind free of Drugs” in the form of educational program II “Addiction. Psychological risk factors in the age groups".

The organizers aimed to illuminate the psychological risk factors of drug addiction in the age school groups, to give an idea of their etiology and features, as well as to provide the program participants an opportunity to learn training skills to further teach children how to deal with the conflict with the least psychological losses.
Course program II “Addiction. Psychological risk factors in the age groups" was carried out in the form of three days of lectures and training sessions from February 2005. During this campaign we were able to cover about half of the city's schools.

At the end of the educational cycle, its participants became members of the League. They were awarded a certificate of the curator of the League. In the final questionnaires, which were filled by the listeners, featured questions about the assessment of the value of the course, the opinion of the teacher about content changes and a free space, where the listener could express their wishes:

The problem is very relevant. In my opinion, a course is wonderful. I wish that the principals of schools could visit such seminars. They have a lot to learn. I am grateful to the course leaders for their interesting and competent teaching.     
Sidorov L.V. - Psychologist at school № 58

During the course, I discovered a lot in child psychology. All this will help me in my work with students. During the lectures I often imagined myself in many situations, and realized that a child, even of the primary school age – is already a personality who has his own position and views. I have a new vision of how sometimes even a bad word that we do not give a big value could become very dangerous... It would’ve been nice to add more practical tasks to the course and increase the number of training days. I have enjoyed everything. Somehow immediately I wanted to do something good.     
Medvedev L.N. - A teacher of mathematics at school № 2   

The course was useful to me because we closely face the same problems mentioned at the lecture at work. It was very interesting to learn about the new ways of problem solving. I especially liked the training games, workshops, and the attitude of coach to participants. I wish there were more practical training courses, some outdoor events. Thank you, I’ve learned many interesting things and gained a lot for myself. 
Kazakbaev T. - Deputy Director
on educational work of the school №  58

I learned a lot about the inner world of children, about conflict resolution, reasons for the drug and alcohol addiction of children, the possible ways of how to prevent all these. A trip to Tashtar-Ata and a meeting with former drug addicts should be added to the course. It is necessary that such courses are carried out longer. 
Zhuravleva  N.A.- Biology teacher at school № 9   

All the topics of the seminar are very useful for working with teachers, parents and students. Personally, I try to conduct trainings and lectures for all these groups, to inform each individual about the significance and originality of his self "ego". The course is very complete and well thought out. Many thanks to the organizers of the workshop. For the second year I attend programs organized by the World League "Mind Free of Drugs". These educational cycles are just a breath of fresh air for the teachers, especially in schools.
Toropkins E.I. - Deputy Director
on educational work of the school №  57



of the project was to train school psychologists to work as guides and supervisors of extracurricular activities on the anti-drug addiction on the Mountain of Salvation Tashtar-Ata. For this end, a one-day training seminar was conducted with dedicated professionals of all city schools.

The fifth stage of the long-term project "Prevention of drug addiction among children and youth" was the implementation of a special workshop on the preparation of guides and trainers from among the teachers of secondary schools in order to conduct the annual extra-curricular activities on the anti drug addiction for school children on the Mountain of Salvation Tashtar-Ata.

Special social workers, psychologists and vice-principals on educational work were invited to the lessons. Among them were a group of managers and leading specialists from the municipal government and district education center.

At the request of the rectorate of the University named after Arabaev, a number of teachers and several groups of student activists from among the leaders of the youth movement were involved to the workshop.

The World League "Mind Free of Drugs" has developed and provided to all of the participants the guidelines of how to conduct these extracurricular activities with students and provided them with a thematic collection on key issues.

During the workshop, participants received comprehensive information on both: the theme and the philosophy of Tashtar-Ata and the key points of the seminar with students on the Rescue Mountain.

The seminar was held in small groups of 10-12 people. From the beginning of October 2005 to April 2006, a total of 15 groups of listeners were organized. The workshop combined the training information part and discussions, thus, ensuring the effective learning of the program material.

Also the question about common mistakes committed by teachers while working on the anti drug addiction was raised. Analysis of held special events in schools showed that unfortunately, teachers unintentionally raise a curiosity in children to drugs and their effects on the body. At the seminar, the issue of common mistakes was covered in a close conjunction with the psychological characteristics of children of different ages, requiring great care and adequacy of presenting the material.

In the final questionnaire the participants were unanimous that the information was very useful, volumetric and in most cases new. The same unanimity was on the practicability of the extracurricular activities for students at Tashtar-Ata. Their opinions may be stated briefly in one sentence - such workshops are needed, required and, of course, they will leave a huge emotional print.

Excerpts were taken from the questionnaires of the final two empirically selected groups out of 15 seminar participants who were trained from October 2005 to April 2006. Besides the address data, the participants were asked to answer three main questions: on the usefulness of the received information, on the feasibility of such extra-curricular activities on anti drug addiction in Tashtar-Ata, and to express their wishes and impressions:

The seminar was very exciting. I found answers to the questions of how to work with children on the drug addiction problems. This was my first visit to Tashtar-Ata. I've heard a lot about it. The lesson according to the League's methods, which was held in Tashtar-Ata, influences the inner space. It is a wonderful workshop for children's receptive audience. With this lesson you can really warn, protect, and most importantly, make it clear to the child that he can still change himself. Incredible sense of purification and some kind of good faith in the future.
I.U. Karamushkina - chief of the department of educational work of
the Department of Education at the city executive board in Bishkek

I have received more information on anti drug addiction. Interesting trainings will help us to conduct thematic activities ourselves. After visiting the Rescue Mountain Tashtar-Ata I felt a great spiritual relief, i.e. not religious but psychological. In my opinion, such classes must be conducted for all school supervisors. Then the classes with students will be more effective.
J. Myrzataev - Leading Specialist of
Lenin education center

Many new and useful things I've learned in one great day. So many positive emotions! Information was presented effectively and concisely. I will surely use this practice in my work. On the question of expediency: only in Tashtar-Ata the energy will help children to get more aware of the problem of drug addiction. A lot of impressions and very unusual feeling. I got a feel of the history. I think that no child will be left indifferent after this session.
L.A. Sosnitskaya — Coordinator at the
Urban Creativity Center for schoolchildren

Not only information, but also trainings that seem to be intended for students, will be very useful for teachers and participants. Serious proficiency. Extracurricular activities with departure to Tashtar-Ata undoubtedly are very necessary. Guys need to see that the addiction problem concerns many people in the world. I would like to be such a wonderful tour guide as a director of the League.
E.V. Popova - freelance specialist at
Sverdlovsk district center for education

I’ve learned a lot of useful information for myself, and I will use this knowledge in practice. I think that we need to conduct such sessions on the annual basis in each class at Tashtar-Ata. Our prepared guides, i.e. psychologists and Deputy Directors, can and should lead the work. It is better to see and feel once, rather than juts to hear while sitting in class. I enjoyed a visit to Tashtar-Ata and had a great communication pleasure. I wish you good health and boundless energy. I love you!
A.A. Karasartova - Chief Specialist at
Pervomaiskyi district center for education

For thousand times we need to carry out such extra-curricular activities for students at Tashtar-Ata, so that they will not only theoretically but also practically experience everything, pass through their heart and deeply acknowledge the responsibility for their lives. Of course, the experience is amazing and it is impossible to pass the impact of what I felt in Tashtar-Ata. It was something that made me think of my past life, a philosophical thinking about human life like a grain of sand in this vast world, the relationship of time... Beyond words, and I'm grateful for that.
E.B. Samudinova – deputy principal of educational work at school № 54

I gained a lot and learned new information, which is not available in other places. The workshop is also useful because after it we become qualified guides and Methodists. A deep and rich experience of the trainer, enthusiasm and optimism strikes a lot. You understand how to work. My impressions are beyond words. Further I want to deliver this knowledge to students and teachers in practice. Collaborating with you for already 3 years and I hope to continue our cooperation. Thank you.
R.A Temiraliev – Committee Chairman on youth affairs, Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabaev

A benefit of the workshop for me was great. I learned a lot of interesting and useful information, previously unknown to me: how drugs affect the endorphin system, how all drugs destroy the working system of our body. In this sense, training is even more convincing. These kinds of lessons to school students are very necessary. This will increase their knowledge about the dangers of drugs and their harmful effects on the entire body. I think that after visiting Tashtar-Ata they will think of many things. I find it hard to describe my impressions with words, but I can say that they are indelible. Especially visit to Tashtar-Ata. A real feeling that I got a feel of the past and eternity.
A.K. Raimahunov - student of KSU named after Arabaev

I learned a lot about how drugs badly affect the human body both physically and spiritually, and that there are people who think and care for others regardless of their faith, race, and social class. As I understood it, the lessons with students at Tashtar-Ata give us a chance to maximize the prevention of drug addiction. I think that for students, just as for me, lessons and visit to Tashtar-Ata would help to get rid of the mental burden, to look forward confidently and optimistically.
A.J. Alagozov - student of KSU named after Arabaev

From the review of the Rector of the Kyrgyz State University named after Arabaev:

Teachers of the KSU and a group of students, who participated in the workshop, gained very important and professional information on the current problems. The participants had a unique opportunity to visit the holy place - Rescue Mountain Tashtar-Ata, to experience its real power and to get a feel of the Millennium. Students are future teachers. They will work with school students and youth on the prevention of drug abuse. Knowledge gained during this workshop will allow carrying out such activities in a right way, and to give information about the holy place, and the impact of this place on the human psyche. Reviews of the participants were enthusiastic. After the seminar students received valuable information. The result of the workshop achieved its goal - to form a group of competent guides and trainers in order to work with school students on the anti drug addiction.


Subsequently, individual consultations are planned for psychologists, social workers and officials who are responsible for the educational work in schools in planning and carrying out the educational work of anti-drug addiction in school. The realization of the project has produced positive results and significantly reduced the risk of drug addiction of children and teenagers of school age.